The Competition, the emotions, the ambition to achieve new achievements make us go very, very fast, sometimes without time to enjoy what we have achieved, but this is Football, today, right now. However today I want to stop to thank those who have made this last period with the National Team of Romania a simply great stage.

This recognition and gratitude comes not only for the results achieved (which is the most important) but also for the effort, for the ability to overcoming individually and as a team. When I say team, I mean everyone, although Comin Contra deserves special mention as the leader of this team that gave a solution to every difficulty, and when I say overcoming not only I refer to performance, which is my specialty, but to how we have confronted 2 matches without support from our fans because we were sanctioned by UEFA, or by how we have faced a period of competition training on pitch that was not in good conditions or with 1 meter of snow at -6º and 24 hours later we won to Israel at 38º.

Because for all these things and many more we have achived to make this team go from being the Selection No. 41 in September 2017 in the FIFA Ranking to be today, a year later, the number 26.

Since September 2017 we have won 9 matches: 3-1 to Kazakhstan, 2-0 to Turkey, 1-2 to Israel, 1-0 to Sweden, 2-3 to Chile, 2-0 to Finland, 1-2 to Lithuania, 3-0 to Lithuania, and 0-1 to Montenegro.

Draw 4 games: 1-1 with Denmark away, 0-0 with Montenegro, 2-2 with Serbia away and 0-0 with Serbia at home

Losing a only one match against Netherlands 0-3.

During all 2018 we haven’t loose any match.

This is the way we take together and the one that should encourage us to continue giving the best of each one. A great challenge ahead, a great illusion shared by 25 million people that is to be among the best 24 teams that will play the next UEFA EURO CUP 2020.

And I would end with a desire for this next stage: The absence of injuries of our players as well as the recovery of those who so much have helped us inside and outside the pitch.

Haide Romania!

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