We returned to Dinamo Bucharest with great enthusiasm, to the team where we lived great moments, incredible I would say. We got third place starting our work from play out positions, we played European competition and we won the League Cup.

We trusted and believed in the project started by the Spanish investor Pablo Cortacero when he bought the club and announced an ambitious project, a New Dinamo in which a total remodeling of the sports city would begin immediately with a new building, changing rooms, gym , football pitches…… professional organization and ambitious medium-term goals.

In a short time that illusion about all of us was turning into concern when we saw that nothing changed and a little later turned into disappointment and a feeling of capital deception when we saw that worker, players, staff did’t receive our payroll. The situation became much more complicated because the lack of liquidity made the day to day very complicated. Since we arrived in August until December we have not charged a single euro, which forced Physiotherapists, Doctor, Assistant Physical Trainer, Analyst, Readaptor and more than 8 players to say goodbye to the club. Cosmin Contra and me unilaterally rescinded our contract because of continued lack of respect and professionalism from the club’s management led by Pablo Cortacero and his assistant, Rufo Collado.

In spite of everything I have to say that it has been a positive experience, a sports and personal Master in the management of a deeply disappointed players and workers, whom I have to thank and acknowledge for their trust and worth while continuing to row in very discouraging conditions.

Dinamo Bucharest, its fans, the city and the country need an honest club, run by honest people. From here my encouragement to all those who continue to support the club to continue writing proudly the history of this great club, Dinamo Bucharest.

Hai Dinamo

Until we meet again!

Its time to say goodbye to the Romanian National Team. I have been slow to write this news because I previously wanted to remove the bitter taste of the loss against Spain. That disappointment did not want to tarnish the more than 2 years with the National team and the 24 games played with 13 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. For all those who like me do not remember the results I make a brief reminder:


ROMANIA 3-1 KAZAKHSTAN (5-10-2017)

DENMARK 1-1 ROMANIA (8-10-2017)


ROMANIA 2-0 TURKEY (9-11-2017)

ROMANIA 0-3 HOLLAND (11-14-2017)

ISRAEL 1-2 ROMANIA (24-3-2018)

ROMANIA 1-0 SWEDEN (27-3-2018)

ROMANIA 3-2 CHILE (31-5-2018)

ROMANIA 2-0 FINLAND (5-6-2018)



SERBIA 2-2 ROMANIA (10-9-2018)

LITHUANIA 1-2 ROMANIA (11-10-2018)

ROMANIA 0-0 SERBIA (10-14-2018)

ROMANIA 3-0 LITHUANIA (11-17-2018)

MONTENEGRO 0-1 ROMANIA (11-20-2018)


SWEDEN 2-1 ROMANIA (23-3-2019)

ROMANIA 4-1 FAROE ISLANDS (03-26-2019)

NORWAY 2-2 ROMANIA (7-6-2019)

MALTA 0-4 ROMANIA (10-6-2019)

ROMANIA 1-2 SPAIN (5-9-2019)

ROMANIA 1-0 MALTA (8-9-2019)

FAROE ISLANDS 0-3 ROMANIA (12-10-2019)

ROMANIA 1-1 NORWAY (10-15-2019)

ROMANIA 0-2 SWEDEN (11-15-2019)

SPAIN 5-0 ROMANIA (11-18-2019)

We could not get direct qualification, it has been a very tough group with great teams but there is still the possibility of achieving that great goal by playing the play-off against Iceland. Cosmin Contra has thought that this Play Off should be played by another coach and has resigned from the position of coach. The motivations that lead to this decision are purely and exclusively thinking of the National team. I can only thank all those who in one way or another have made possible this incredible adventure that is just a few steps away from being fulfilled. HAIDE ROMANIA, I will always be with you, you have made me live unforgettable moments that I will always carry with me proudly. One more step Romania!!

The Competition, the emotions, the ambition to achieve new achievements make us go very, very fast, sometimes without time to enjoy what we have achieved, but this is Football, today, right now. However today I want to stop to thank those who have made this last period with the National Team of Romania a simply great stage.

This recognition and gratitude comes not only for the results achieved (which is the most important) but also for the effort, for the ability to overcoming individually and as a team. When I say team, I mean everyone, although Comin Contra deserves special mention as the leader of this team that gave a solution to every difficulty, and when I say overcoming not only I refer to performance, which is my specialty, but to how we have confronted 2 matches without support from our fans because we were sanctioned by UEFA, or by how we have faced a period of competition training on pitch that was not in good conditions or with 1 meter of snow at -6º and 24 hours later we won to Israel at 38º.

Because for all these things and many more we have achived to make this team go from being the Selection No. 41 in September 2017 in the FIFA Ranking to be today, a year later, the number 26.

Since September 2017 we have won 9 matches: 3-1 to Kazakhstan, 2-0 to Turkey, 1-2 to Israel, 1-0 to Sweden, 2-3 to Chile, 2-0 to Finland, 1-2 to Lithuania, 3-0 to Lithuania, and 0-1 to Montenegro.

Draw 4 games: 1-1 with Denmark away, 0-0 with Montenegro, 2-2 with Serbia away and 0-0 with Serbia at home

Losing a only one match against Netherlands 0-3.

During all 2018 we haven’t loose any match.

This is the way we take together and the one that should encourage us to continue giving the best of each one. A great challenge ahead, a great illusion shared by 25 million people that is to be among the best 24 teams that will play the next UEFA EURO CUP 2020.

And I would end with a desire for this next stage: The absence of injuries of our players as well as the recovery of those who so much have helped us inside and outside the pitch.

Haide Romania!

Excited, proud and responsibility by the professional challenge that I start . The Romanian Football Federation has entrusted us  the direction of the national football team with Cosmin Contra as coach. I would like to thank Cosmin great confidence in what I hope will be a stage of excitement progress and success for the Romanian national team.

Qualifying Round Europa League.
I´ll come back at home with the difficult mission of eliminating what was my team during 4 fantastic seasons.

THANK YOU for the trust and affection shown that has made it possible for us to be together again. We started the season with the hope of enjoying the FAMILY of DINAMO again, partners, fans, workers and players. We have a commitment to try to do things very well, to try to improve what was achieved last year, is not going to be anything easy as it has been to stay third and win the League Cup but we will try with enthusiasm, Effort, sacrifice, professionalism and above all, convinced that we can achieve it. HALA DINAMO!

Texto en inglés

We achieved the objective with Dinamo Bucharest.
After winning the 3 games that were missing to finish the regular championship, Dinamo Bucharest will play the Championship Play Off, ensuring that they play in the European Championship next season. Congratulations!!!!
A great effort that has given a great prize to our followers who have not been able     to carry the shield of Dinamo Bucharest for Europe for 5 years.Haide Dinamo !!!