Its time to say goodbye to the Romanian National Team. I have been slow to write this news because I previously wanted to remove the bitter taste of the loss against Spain. That disappointment did not want to tarnish the more than 2 years with the National team and the 24 games played with 13 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. For all those who like me do not remember the results I make a brief reminder:


ROMANIA 3-1 KAZAKHSTAN (5-10-2017)

DENMARK 1-1 ROMANIA (8-10-2017)


ROMANIA 2-0 TURKEY (9-11-2017)

ROMANIA 0-3 HOLLAND (11-14-2017)

ISRAEL 1-2 ROMANIA (24-3-2018)

ROMANIA 1-0 SWEDEN (27-3-2018)

ROMANIA 3-2 CHILE (31-5-2018)

ROMANIA 2-0 FINLAND (5-6-2018)



SERBIA 2-2 ROMANIA (10-9-2018)

LITHUANIA 1-2 ROMANIA (11-10-2018)

ROMANIA 0-0 SERBIA (10-14-2018)

ROMANIA 3-0 LITHUANIA (11-17-2018)

MONTENEGRO 0-1 ROMANIA (11-20-2018)


SWEDEN 2-1 ROMANIA (23-3-2019)

ROMANIA 4-1 FAROE ISLANDS (03-26-2019)

NORWAY 2-2 ROMANIA (7-6-2019)

MALTA 0-4 ROMANIA (10-6-2019)

ROMANIA 1-2 SPAIN (5-9-2019)

ROMANIA 1-0 MALTA (8-9-2019)

FAROE ISLANDS 0-3 ROMANIA (12-10-2019)

ROMANIA 1-1 NORWAY (10-15-2019)

ROMANIA 0-2 SWEDEN (11-15-2019)

SPAIN 5-0 ROMANIA (11-18-2019)

We could not get direct qualification, it has been a very tough group with great teams but there is still the possibility of achieving that great goal by playing the play-off against Iceland. Cosmin Contra has thought that this Play Off should be played by another coach and has resigned from the position of coach. The motivations that lead to this decision are purely and exclusively thinking of the National team. I can only thank all those who in one way or another have made possible this incredible adventure that is just a few steps away from being fulfilled. HAIDE ROMANIA, I will always be with you, you have made me live unforgettable moments that I will always carry with me proudly. One more step Romania!!