We returned to Dinamo Bucharest with great enthusiasm, to the team where we lived great moments, incredible I would say. We got third place starting our work from play out positions, we played European competition and we won the League Cup.

We trusted and believed in the project started by the Spanish investor Pablo Cortacero when he bought the club and announced an ambitious project, a New Dinamo in which a total remodeling of the sports city would begin immediately with a new building, changing rooms, gym , football pitches…… professional organization and ambitious medium-term goals.

In a short time that illusion about all of us was turning into concern when we saw that nothing changed and a little later turned into disappointment and a feeling of capital deception when we saw that worker, players, staff did’t receive our payroll. The situation became much more complicated because the lack of liquidity made the day to day very complicated. Since we arrived in August until December we have not charged a single euro, which forced Physiotherapists, Doctor, Assistant Physical Trainer, Analyst, Readaptor and more than 8 players to say goodbye to the club. Cosmin Contra and me unilaterally rescinded our contract because of continued lack of respect and professionalism from the club’s management led by Pablo Cortacero and his assistant, Rufo Collado.

In spite of everything I have to say that it has been a positive experience, a sports and personal Master in the management of a deeply disappointed players and workers, whom I have to thank and acknowledge for their trust and worth while continuing to row in very discouraging conditions.

Dinamo Bucharest, its fans, the city and the country need an honest club, run by honest people. From here my encouragement to all those who continue to support the club to continue writing proudly the history of this great club, Dinamo Bucharest.

Hai Dinamo

Until we meet again!

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